Price Info

The prices below reflect on time, materials, and complexity of the project. Please note that prices vary by commission and the prices shown are just base prices. You are not allowed to redistribute my artwork and characters seen below. These commissions are custom and based of of  YOUR character, pet, etc. Characters displayed below belong to myself and their respected owners.


 At this point in time I only accept Paypal.


Please contact me through:



Instagram & Twitter: @Difurgence

Character Reference Sheets

High Detail/accessories:

 Price Ranges from $75 -$150 USD

Three View Turnaround:

 Price Ranges from $45 -$75 USD

Digital and Traditional Badges

Digital Headshot: $35 USD


Digital Bust:            $45 USD

Traditional Watercolor

High Detail Badges:


$75 USD

These badges are

very time consuming.

Each strand of fur is individually inked.

Telegram Sticker Packs

One Sticker: $12 USD

Five Stickers: $45 USD

10 Stickers: $60 USD

15 Stickers: $75 USD

25 Stickers: $125 USD

Other Illustrations

I am open for other illustration projects such as:

Children's coloring pages, Children's book illustrations, comics, full page traditional and digital illustrations, and so much more.


 I DON'T do NSFW commissions.


Fursuit Heads:


Base Price: $750 USD


Prices increase depending on character's design!

Mini Partial:


 Includes: Head, paws, armsleeves, and tail.


Base Price: $1250 USD



 Includes: Head, paws, armsleeves, feetpaws, and tail.


Base Price: $1500 USD

Hand Paws:


Base Price: $100 USD



Base Prices:


Small: $30 USD

Medium: $75 USD

Large: $150 USD

If you have any questions please contact me!!